DiNapoli considers need for increased State aid to local governments

July 26, 2013

In an interview earlier this week, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said the state may need to consider increasing aid to local government. DiNapoli told New York State Public Radio’s Karen DeWitt the increase in aid from the state shouldn’t be seen as a bailout.

“We haven’t really increased the aid to municipalities part of the budget which is relative to other aid to local governments, let’s say school districts, is a very small part." Stated DiNapoli, "We haven’t increased that amount of the money. Maybe as the state has more revenues, we’ve been increasing spending in some other programs, maybe we need to look at that again.”

DiNapoli said he didn’t think any cities in upstate New York are in a similar situation as Detroit, which recently became the largest city to ever declare bankruptcy. Governor Andrew Cuomo has declined to increase aid to local governments, saying they needed to solve their problems without money from the state.