During Derby week, a look at Track Tech

Samantha Decker via Flickr
May 4, 2012

During Derby week WSKG, through the Innovation Trail,  broadcast a series of features on how technology is transforming horse racing.

The Innovation Trail collaborated  with WEKU Radio and Louisville Public Media exploring how veterinarians can improve a horse's value, Smart phones may attract younger fans to the track, and ways that new designs can make those tracks safer - for both horse and rider.

"Wagering on sports and wagering on athletes has never been part of the framework in New York State." says Todd Engel, an attorney specializing in horse racing.
"Horse racing wedges itself in between the controlled environment of table games and betting on professional athletes."
But perhaps the biggest factor is money. According to the New York Racing Authority, racing is a nearly $2 billion dollar industry in the state.
Video slot machines, off-track betting, or OTB, dial-a-bet and now also online betting all make up a sizeable portion of that.


Find the entire series of Track Tech on the Innovation Trail website.