Excitement builds for President Obama's visit to the Southern Tier

Ryan Delaney/WRVO
August 20, 2013

Interest in seeing President Obama when his upstate New York bus tour stops in Syracuse Thursday evening prompted a long line to get tickets.

The very excited arrived at 7 o’clock Monday evening at Henninger High School where the president will speak about affordable education. They camped out in front of a sign taped up reading “President Obama tickets line starts here.”

Umbrellas and other makeshift sources of shade replaced blankets and pillows as the sun began to beat down. By 10 a.m. that lined snaked along the parking lot and off school grounds.

"I think it’s kind of exciting to have these guys out here showing some enthusiasm," said Bob Buchanan, a retired city worker. He was lucky enough to have his daughter get in line at 11 last night. He showed up early this morning when he finished dialysis.

Over the sound of grounds crews getting the school ready for the visit, Buchanan talked about what he would say in the unlikely chance he got to meet Mr. Obama. He would tell the president to get more young people to work.

"You got a lot of kids out here that need jobs that don’t have any kind of direction. This would be a great way to give them something to do, a way to make money for them."

Buchanan suggests infrastructure projects as a source of jobs.

Wristbands were distributed shortly before noon to those who had showed up early enough to get a coveted ticket.

The gymnasium at Henninger High School seats about 500 people.