FAA seeks to fine Colgan for not letting crew rest

PHOTO: Jetstar Airways / via Flickr.com

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal officials are proposing a $153,000 fine for a regional airline involved in fatal crash that raised questions about pilot fatigue.

The fine is unrelated to the Colgan Air Inc. crash but is for other flights the airline scheduled without giving crew members enough rest time.

The Federal Aviation Administration on Friday proposed the fine for 17 Colgan flights in 2008 and 2009 in which pilots and flight attendants were scheduled to work seven consecutive days.

Regulations require 24 hours off after crew members work six consecutive days.

Also, the agency says Colgan failed to give three flight attendants adequate rest after scheduling them to work at least eight consecutive hours.

The 2009 Colgan crash near Buffalo, N.Y., killed 50 people and prompted new regulations to reduce pilot fatigue.

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