Family of worker killed in gas well explosion sues Chevron

Matt Richmond
July 7, 2014

The family of a worker who was killed in natural gas well explosion in southwest Pennsylvania is suing Chevron.

On February 11, 27-year-old Ian McKee was participating in a safety meeting at the gas well site in Greene County near the West Virginia border when it burst into flames. McKee's remains were found more than a week later.

At least for now, his parents are suing Chevron only to get information about the circumstances of their son's death.

"Chevron is not a public entity," says John Gismondi, the McKee's attorney. "It's not like a local government agency or something where you can make a Freedom of Information Request and you're legally entitled to get certain things."

A Chevron spokesperson Lee Ann Wainwright says the company will respond to the lawsuit "in due course."

For nearly two days after the accident the company blocked state regulators from accessing the site. Chevron was also lambasted for handing out coupons for free pizza to nearby residents following the explosion.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is expected to release a detailed report about the incident by the end of the month.