Federal prosecutors take over files from defunct NY anti-corruption commission

Gov Cuomo/via Flickr
April 11, 2014

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan say they're taking the files from the state’s shuttered anti-corruption commission and will complete its investigations.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara requested the Moreland commission's files on New York political corruption and called the closing ‘premature’.

Cuomo has said he established the commission after the Legislature failed last year to pass reform legislation and decided to shut it down after new anti-corruption laws were passed two weeks ago.

"It was always a temporary commission until we passed the Public Trust Act," says Cuomo. "We have plenty of enforcement mechanisms by and large in this state. We have district attorneys, we have US attorneys, I don’t believe we needed yet another bureaucracy for enforcement."

The budget includes anti-bribery and election law enforcement provisions.

In a radio interview, Bharara declined to say if his investigation could extend to Governor Cuomo, whose aides were accused of interfering in the commission’s work.