Fordham University law professor challenges Gov. Cuomo in gubernatorial race

Courtesy of Zephyr Teachout
June 17, 2014

A law professor at Fordham University will attempt a primary challenge to unseat Governor Andrew Cuomo. Zephyr Teachout challenged Cuomo for the Working Families Party nomination and lost.

The formal announcement on Monday in Albany included an appearance on The Capitol Pressroom and a press conference at the Capitol.

Teachout accused the governor of failing to keep his promise to combat corruption, pointing to the early disbanding of a corruption commission he created.

During her press conference, she acknowledged Cuomo’s accomplishments from the past four years.

“But what we see in the good things he has done is he has never done anything that would irritate his wealthy donors.”

Teachout is a former national director of the good government group the Sunlight Foundation and an organizer during Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign.

Cuomo starts the campaign with significant advantages. He has over $30 million in campaign donations. And a new poll from Siena College puts his lead over Republican challenger Rob Astorino at close to 36 points.

Teachout accuses Cuomo of turning his back on the middle class through programs like Start Up New York, which offers tax breaks to companies that open on or near college campuses.

“His trickle down economic policy really amounts to favors, to tax breaks, for a wealthy few.”

Teachout has begun collecting signatures and needs 15,000 to get on the ballot. If she succeeds, Columbia University law professor Tim Wu will be her running mate.