Gov. Cuomo minimizes likeliness of major end-of-session agreements

Patja/via Flickr
June 10, 2014

Governor Cuomo is downplaying chances for any major agreements before the legislative session ends later this month.

The governor, who has already vowed to replace the current Senate leadership coalition of Republicans and break away Democrats, says he does not expect any deals on big ticket issues before the legislature leaves for the summer.

“We have some clean up items,” Cuomo said. “I don’t expect us to do any major initiatives.”

Cuomo began the election season early when he also pledged to the Working Families Party that he would try to convince the breakaway Democrats, known as the Independent Democratic conference, to reunite with the rest of the Senate Democrats. Cuomo now says he does not expect that to happen until after the November elections.

“We’ll go through the elections, and then what we are talking about is next year, the reunification,” Cuomo said. “Not this year.”

Cuomo did offer some hope for a bill gaining support in the legislature to legalize medical marijuana, saying if the legislation “makes sense”, he’ll sign it.