Gov. Cuomo pushes upstate tourism in Lake Placid

Courtesy of Governor Cuomo
March 10, 2014

Governor Cuomo led a group of lawmakers and business leaders to New York's Adirondack Park yesterday. It’s part of his administration’s $60 million effort, launched last year, to push upstate tourism.

Cuomo climbs onto a snowmobile in Franklin County and rumbles off down a snow-packed trail.

"I want to find out which is the fastest," Cuomo says.

In ads like this one, the state has been pushing to get more tourists to bring their dollars here.

"Plan your snowmobiling trip to upstate New York!"

On Sunday, Cuomo brought a group of downstate lawmakers to the Adirondacks, hoping to convince them that it makes sense to invest tax dollars promoting upstate tourism venues like Lake Placid.

Ken Zebrowski is a state Assemblyman from Rockland County just north of New York City.  He says this was his first trip to Lake Placid.

"One thing that struck me was how quick I got up here." Zebrowski said. "It was closer to get here than to Killington or some of the places in Vermont.  And I'd much rather spend my dollars here in New York state than over in Vermont."

That’s exactly what Governor Cuomo and tourism boosters in upstate New York want to hear.