Gov. Cuomo says Common Core recommendations are too little too late

governorac 605 via/Flickr
February 11, 2014

Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized state education officials in a strongly worded statement today for blocking a new teacher evaluation system.

Cuomo’s statement comes in response to an announcement by the state education chief on changes to the way Common Core standards will be rolled out.

According to Education Commissioner John King, teachers will still be evaluated based on the stricter standards.

“However, where a teacher is being removed based on student performance in Common Core assessments, that teacher will now be able to offer the defense that the district failed to timely implement the Common Core with proper professional development and support," said King.

Cuomo called the decision another in a series of missteps related to Common Core.

The roll-out of student testing based on the new standards will also be slowed down - the tests will be phased in during the next four years and the Class of 2022 will be the first one in New York required to meet the stricter standards to graduate.