Governor offers some support for limited fracking

Karen DeWitt / NY Public Radio
July 11, 2012

Governor Andrew Cuomo offered some support to a plan to permit hydrofracking in New York in communities that welcome the gas drilling process.

Numerous sources and published reports have said that the Cuomo Administration may permit hydro fracking  in some communities in New York’s Southern Tier  where the majority of residents  want natural gas drilling . Communities that are mainly opposed to fracking would not be forced to accept drilling.   Governor Cuomo has not confirmed the reports, but in an interview with public  radio, he offered some support to the idea that individual towns should decide whether or not they want fracking.

“I think it’s inarguable that one should take into consideration home rule,” said Cuomo. “If you decide to go down this road at all.”

The governor says his environmental agency will come out with a plan later this summer on what he says will be a “professional timetable and not a political timetable”.