Gun manufacturers ride line between tradition and technology innovations

February 6, 2013

Gun manufacturers are faced with the fine line of catering to a demand for traditional weapons, and the need to remain atop the technological developments that all other industries are seeing.

Donald Sebastian is Senior vice president for research and development at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and part of a team that has been working on smart guns for more than a decade."The confluence of low-cost, reliable electronics that we find almost pervasive in every aspect of our lives, could contribute to substantially improving gun safety, and even add value for sports shooters and for law enforcement."

Sebastian says there seems to be reluctance from the industry to take up new technologies for a variety of financial and political reasons, but he thinks that will change."I am confident that at some point we're going to find a tipping point where we can introduce technologies and innovation into weapons platforms that are not viewed as non-gun owners trying to force something onto gun owners but really provide value adding protection."

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