Gun rights activists rally to repeal NY SAFE Act

Monica Sandreczki
March 10, 2014

Gun rights activists are continuing a campaign to repeal the SAFE Act – a New York law that prohibits certain types of firearms, restricts magazine capacity and requires universal background checks.

About 400 protesters rallied against the law Saturday at the American Legion in Horseheads.

George Curbelo is head of New York Revolution, a gun rights advocacy group. He says gun owners should not comply with the SAFE Act.

“Andy – that’s Cuomo – Andy referred to us as extremists," says Curbelo. "And none of us, none of us, will want to see any form of violence. So we’re stretching every possible form of redress of grievance we can find and civil disobedience is really the next step for us.”

Curbelo and other gun rights activists are planning another rally in Albany April 1.