Height warning system is working on Syracuse bridge

September 23, 2013

SALINA, N.Y. (AP) - A height warning system installed after a double-decker Megabus slammed into an overpass on Onondaga Lake Parkway in suburban Syracuse has alerted more than 400 drivers since it was installed.

The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that only one vehicle has struck the bridge since the warning system was installed in October 2011. Before that, the bridge was struck an average of twice a year.

The Megabus crash in September 2010 killed four and injured 24. In its aftermath, there was much debate over what to do about the too-low bridge.

The state decided to install a one-of-a-kind detector system to warn drivers their vehicle was too tall. If an overheight vehicle is detected, flashing lights and a big sign tell the driver to pull over.

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