Ithaca City School Board plans to adopt $113 million budget, cuts to positions and pre-K

audiolucistore/via Flickr
April 22, 2014

The Ithaca City School Board will vote tonight on a $113 million budget for the next school year.

The budget includes the loss of up to 30 full-time positions and an increase in class sizes.

Rob Ainslie is president of the school board. Ainslie says a loss in state money coupled with Governor Cuomo’s two percent tax cap have forced the belt-tightening.

"So he will cut your aid on one hand and on the other hand he will limit your ability to raise funds at the local level to pay for those funds he took back from your district," says Ainslie. "So it really puts public education in a tough bind. You’re in a vice and the only way you can get through it is by asking the community to support a budget that is above the tax levy and you have to get a super majority."

If approved by the board, the budget goes before taxpayers on May 20.

And the district would ask voters to approve a seven percent tax increase, which requires 60 percent approval to pass.