Ithaca company takes part in Start-Up NY program
June 5, 2014

A plastic and metal parts manufacturing company based in Ithaca is one of the first companies to take part in Governor Cuomo’s Start-Up NY program.

Under the program, companies approved by the state that move onto or close by college campuses in New York won’t have to pay any state taxes for 10 years.

The Ithaca-based company is called In-code-ema3D. CEO Sean Whittaker says their plan is to expand and become the world’s largest 3D manufacturer.

"Our machines cost approximately a million dollars a piece. We already have 5 on the metal side and six on the plastic side. So it’s a lot of capital investment and the advantages of Start-Up New York led really well into that," says Whittaker.

Whittaker says they plan to have 50 employees at the new site in 5 years and purchase 50 additional 3D printers.

Critics of the program say it creates an unfair advantage for certain businesses. After announcing the participating companies in Rochester Wednesday, Governor Cuomo said the state makes sure to prevent unfairness.

"Part of the program is we won’t invite in a company that is competing with an existing company in that area," says Cuomo.

Whittaker from In-code-ema 3D says his company had to run ads in the paper, asking any competitors to come forward before being selected.

The other companies in the first group will be at or near universities in Buffalo, Rochester and Brooklyn.