Ithaca task force weighs residents' comments on odd/even parking

Alan Stanton/via Flickr
July 3, 2014

A City of Ithaca taskforce in charge of revamping the city’s odd / even parking system will review feedback from residents later today.

As most Ithacans know, between November and April, parked cars have to be moved from one side of the street to the other, every night.

With the proposed rules, odd / even parking would only be in effect during a snowstorm. Throughout the year, streets would have a designated “no parking” day each week.

Another proposal under review by the task force is to expand the use of neighborhood parking permits.

Kevin Sutherland is the mayor’s chief of staff and a member of the task force. He says he’d like to see parking permits, too, but issuing them is outside of the city’s authority.

"We can push it as hard as we want, but ultimately, it’s the state legislature that votes. That could take much longer than what we’re trying to do now – one year, two year, three years."

Sutherland says he hopes to have a revised proposal for review by the Board of Public Works in the next couple weeks. But he’d be surprised if a new parking plan is in place by this winter.