New poll shows upstate New Yorkers are split on effectiveness of Common Core

audiolucistore/via Flickr
June 16, 2014

A Times Union/Siena College Upstate Education Poll finds that upstate residents are close to evenly split on whether Common Core education standards will be good for students.

According to the survey of 874 upstate residents, 50 percent think the new standards will increase student success and 44 percent think they won’t.

Common Core is a nationwide push by states to improve student learning. States have developed tests and curriculum that measure progress in the new learning standards. The new tests and curriculum have come under harsh criticism in New York and elsewhere for being too difficult and poorly rolled out.

New York is one of the first states to begin testing and 82 percent of those polled in upstate say Common Core’s roll-out has been confusing, while 58 percent think testing should be delayed.