New York goes from snow to bitter cold

MPD01605/via Flickr
January 3, 2014

Governer Cuomo says the storm, which dropped several inches of snow, is moving east and out of New York.

"Mother Nature has moved on, somewhat." Cuomo said.

And he says all roads are now open. Cuomo defended his decision to close parts of the Thruway, the Long Island Expressway, and I-84 overnight.

"The conditions were extraordinarily dangerous, " Cuomo said. We've seen what happens when people get stranded on the roadways.'

Even with the precautions, there were still two tradffic fatalities and dozens of minor accidents.

And the Governor says just because the roads are now all open, does not mean the conditions are back to normal, and he says driving should be restricted to only what's absolutely necessary.

The next weather problem in the extreme cold over the next couple of New days. The state's health commissioner says watch out for frostbite.