New York state will miss the November 29th fracking review regulatory deadline

jeff sandquist via Flickr
November 20, 2012

New York state will miss the November 29th regulatory deadline to complete a review of the health impacts of high volume hydraulic fracturing, Governor Cuomo confirmed today.

The missed deadline means that March 1st next year is the earliest the final version of the regulations to govern fracking in the state will be released. Kate O'Connell reports.

The state now has the option to file for a 90-day extension to the deadline for revised regulations, under a provision of the state Administrative Procedure Act, as long as they do it before November 29th.

Allowing the deadline to simply lapse is unlikely as this would trigger a restart of the lengthy review process managed by the Department of Environmental Conservation, including holding new public hearings.

The decision to include a review of the health impact component of the new regulations by the Department of Health as part of the DEC review was made on September 20th, and the names of the external health experts were leaked last week.

The timing of Hurricane Sandy also played a role in slowing the health review process down.

Speaking on Capital District Talk Radio, the Governor said:

"I understand that the process has gone on a long time, people say it¿s gone on for four years. But, we want a proper process, we want it done as expeditiously as possible. I don¿t see how we could get it done by next week."

Over 80,000 public comments have had to be integrated into the final DEC review.