New York voters go to the polls

Monica Sandreczki/WSKG
November 5, 2013

Voters across New York are casting their ballots today in local elections and for six state-wide propositions.

At the Family Enrichment Network in Johnson City, Chris Hinkey says he’s mainly concerned with Proposition 1 to allow up to seven non-Native American casinos in New York. They would be built in the Capitol Region, the Catskills and the Southern Tier; Hinkey thinks it’s about time.

“The jobs are the biggest things,” says Hinkey. “I’ve gone gambling to Pennsylvania and I’ve seen what it can do for an area. I just think it’s something that’s long overdue.”

Hinkey adds that he wants the next mayor of Johnson City to focus on lowering crime, an issue in the mayoral races in both Johnson City and Binghamton.

Alyce Kayten, a poll worker in Binghamton’s third district at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, says some voters have gotten annoyed because the six state-wide propositions are located on the back of the ballot. However, a sample ballot with the front and back visible is taped in a visible area at a each polling place.

But overall, Kayten says Election Day has gone as expected.

“Everything’s gone smoothly so far and I don’t want to jinx it,” she says.

Polling places close tonight at 9 p.m. and results are expected tonight.