NY landowners plan to frack using liquid propane

arimoore / via Flickr.com

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - An upstate New York landowners group may partner with a Canadian company that uses liquid propane instead of controversial water-based hydraulic fracturing to get natural gas flowing into wells.

Lawyer Chris Denton represents the 2,000-member Tioga County Landowners Association. He says leaders of the group have reached a deal with Calgary-based GasFrac, which uses liquefied propane gas to frack wells.

Department of Environmental Conservation spokeswoman Emily DeSantis said the agency has met with the Tioga County group to discuss the plan. She says fracking with propane would be subject to current permitting rules set in 1992.

Fracking involves injecting a gas well with high-pressure fluid to crack shale, allowing gas to flow out.

Hydrofracking shale gas wells is currently banned in New York while regulations are being updated.

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