NY makes gains in graduating high school students

PHOTO: TheRogue via flickr.com

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - A new study shows New York has made among the nation's biggest gains in graduating high school students.
The study released Sunday by an education advocacy coalition found the state is one of only two that have posted double-digit increases in graduation rates in recent years.
New York went from 60.5 percent in 2002, when the national average was 72.6 percent, to a 73.5 percent graduation rate in 2009.
The report was compiled by Civic Enterprises, the Everyone Graduates Center, America's Promise Alliance and the Alliance for Excellent Education.
It found the nation is making progress in curtailing drop-outs,but that the pace of gains needs to improve in order to meet the coalition's goal of a 90 percent on-time graduation rate by 2020.

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