NY's battery and power storage industry seeks innovation

Peter Kaminski/Flickr
November 14, 2013

The message for attendees of a conference in Upstate New York is that the state’s battery and power storage industry needs to find ways to come together to increase innovation and job growth.

Says Christine Furstoss, “We all struggle with our workforce of the future, it’s going to take a lot to rebuild the talent pipeline, manufacturing is not known as a place where young people want to be.”

Christine Furstoss is the technical director of manufacturing and materials technology at GE.

She says players in the power storage business need to work together to solve common problems.

And to maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace, emphasis needs to be placed on open innovation.

This means drawing on a range of sources, including competitors, to advance product development and speed up commercialization.

And, Furstoss says, companies need to work hard to engage the next generation.

“We have to show them that the skills that they value, that they love - being able to use a computer to get their ideas at any time of the day, being able to collaborate with someone who may be four or five hours away – we have to show them that this industry wants to be a player, this industry wants to foster it.”

Furstoss says it’s time for the power storage industry in New York state to change its ways and create an ecosystem that will allow everyone to develop technology more quickly.