NYS Legislature will test bipartisan coalition in 2013

stgermh// via flickr
December 24, 2012

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York's Legislature says it will bring home long-sought measures such as raising the minimum wage and reducing the influence of money in elections in uncommon cooperation next year.

To do that, lawmakers will have to make an unprecedented, bipartisan, power-sharing majority work in the highly polarized Senate.

But Republicans opposed to many of those progressive ideas may not have to work within that bipartisan coalition after all.

A judge has given Republicans a working majority by declaring a Republican a winner in a long disputed race.

Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo has issued what he calls his "litmus test" for lawmakers, an agenda packed with progressive measures that Republicans have traditionally blocked.

The Democrat-led Assembly and its leader, Speaker Sheldon Silver, appear stronger than ever.

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