Parents divided on how to protest Common Core

Monica Sandreczki
November 18, 2013

Some parents in the Southern Tier kept their kids home from school today in protest of a new statewide curriculum. Common Core has been controversial across New York and parents are even divided on how to protest.

6-year-old Brooklyn is eating lunch at home today.

“I played school with my mommy and my stuffed animals.”

Brooklyn’s mom is Suzanne Ganoung, co-founder of the group Southern Tier Parents Against the Common Core. She kept her kids home today in silent protest of the curriculum. Her group didn’t organize a public event. But Ganoung says their goal is to raise awareness.

“We want to get the word out. . .We need to be writing to the politicians and let them know what this is doing. And it needs to be stopped.”

She says Common Core is a one-size-fits-all curriculum that doesn’t work because kids learn at different rates.

Amy Winans opposes the way Common Core has been rolled out, but thinks today’s protest is a bad idea. She has a daughter at a Union-Endicott School and says, that’s where she belongs.

“They are not part of this game. It’s not a pawn. It’s not a tug of war with our children.”

Instead, she says parents should deal with their concerns and the best way to support teachers is by keeping kids in the classroom.