Polls show most New Yorkers support legalizing medical marijuana

Jeffrey Beall
January 21, 2014

According to a poll released today by Siena College, Governor Cuomo has a favorability rating of 66%. Also in the poll -- New Yorkers are split over changes to New York’s marijuana laws. Most favor legalizing it for medical use, but DON’T want recreational pot.

The results of the poll come in the wake of Governor Cuomo’s proposed pilot plan to prescribe medical marijuana at 20 hospitals across the state.

Only about a quarter say, “keep it illegal.” On the other hand, 75% are seeing green – they support legalizing medical marijuana. That’s up from 61% in 2012.

But it’s a different story for recreational pot. Support is dragging with half of New Yorkers opposed to legalizing it.

“And we see some big differences : democrats and independents virtually divided down the middle. Republicans overwhelmingly opposed," says Steve Greenburg, Siena College. "Young voters support legalizing recreational pot. Older voters say 'no no no' they don’t like it. And women are very opposed to it. Men - by a small margin, they support it.”

Only two states – Colorado and Washington -- have legalized recreational marijuana.