PPL Electric Utilities says 725-mile interstate pipeline system is worth up to $6 billion

shannonpatrick17/via Flickr
August 6, 2014

Pennsylvania-based PPL Electric Utilities is looking to build a new multi-billion dollar transmission line that would extend into New York and other neighboring states.

The proposed high-voltage power line still a decade away, but PPL has started planning.

The line would start in Western Pennsylvania and run 725 miles through the state’s Northern Tier into New Jersey and New York, as well as southward into Maryland.

The project would cost $4 billion to $6 billion, according to PPL spokesman Paul Wirth.

“The gas industry is one of the impetuses behind it. The other is that by starting in Western Pennsylvania we can bring existing supplies of lower-cost power—fueled by renewables and other sources—into this region.”

Wirth says ratepayers would foot the bill, but also reap savings later on.

The company has not proposed an official route yet, but it has submitted preliminary plans to PJM Interconnection, the regional grid operator.

The project will also need approval from state and federal regulators.