President Obama visits Syracuse on upstate tour

Ellen Abbot
August 23, 2013

President Obama outlined a three-pronged plan to make a college education more affordable for the middle class in a speech in Syracuse yesterday. The president says educational opportunity should be a high priority in Washington.

Screams were deafening when Obama walked to the podium at Henninger High School, and the supportive crowd hung on every word as the President outlined an education proposal that would work towards

"Increasing value, so young people and their parents know what they're getting when they go college, encouraging innovation so that more colleges are giving better value and then helping people responsibly manage their debt." 

And that, says Obama, will equal more students being able to afford college.   A lynchpin of the plan would rate colleges and then link those results to federal financial aid attending those colleges.

The positive vibe was  broken briefly  by a pair of hecklers, one of whom held a Free Bradley Manning sign, but the President said  "Can I just say that as hecklers go, that lady was very polite, she was, and she brought up an issue of importance, and that's what America's all about."

Obama continues bringing his education message across New York State, today at an event in Binghamton.