Protests against the jail expansion in Tompkins County

Matt Martin
November 20, 2013

For the third meeting in a row, community members filled the Tompkins County legislature. WSKG’s Matt Martin reports they were there to protest the expansion of the county jail.

The proposal would create a new dormitory and an outdoor recreation area at the jail.  The county sometimes has to ‘board out’ inmates to other counties because of a lack of space, which can be costly. The expansion would reduce that need.

But the opponents say it's a poor use of tax dollars.

Susie Kossack argues the project’s 900,000-dollar price tag could be better-spent preventing crime. 

“Let’s get some more job training programs created.  Let’s get our unemployed employed again and working.  Let’s train people with job skills so they have pride in utilizing their gifts and abilities.”   

Legislators responded to the protestors by saying that nothing is set in stone yet. The county is holding a public forum about the expansion project on Dec 9th.