A rare bird has been spotted in Buffalo

Drew Avery/Flickr
October 10, 2013

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Bird-watchers in Buffalo are buzzing over the sighting of a Brown Booby.

The Buffalo News reports that birders have been flocking to the city's Lake Erie and Niagara River waterfronts this week to get a glimpse of the gull-like tropical diving bird normally found along the coasts of Central America.

It's the first time the Brown Booby has been sighted in the region.

As news of the sighting spread among bird-watching social media, dozens of people from Ontario and western New York headed to Buffalo to try to add the brown-and-white rarity to their lists.

Experts say it's unusual to spot a Brown Booby anywhere in the United States, except in Florida and Southern California. One of the birds was sighted earlier this year in Connecticut.