Rep. Hanna visits Chenango Forks after passage of Farm Bill

Matt Martin
February 7, 2014

President Obama signed the Farm Bill into law today, after four years of failed attempts to pass one. Congressman Richard Hanna says the bill will give economic stability to farmers in the Southern Tier.

Representative Hanna toured the Dutch Hill Creamery in Chenango Forks this morning. He says the new Farm Bill will have a great impact on farmers in the state. And that the state should focus more on the potential benefits of expanded farming.

“Even though we’ve seen the flight of a lot of young people. We’ve seen the flight of businesses. One of the assets we really do have are great farms, great farmers, and a growing demand of agricultural products.”

Hanna says the bill includes programs to assist beginning farmers by providing discounted crop insurance and credit opportunities. And programs to help farmers market their products.

The final version of the bill cuts food stamps by $8 billion. Hanna says most Republicans wanted a far larger reduction.

“There was a proposal to cut 40 billion dollars. I was I think one of four, five, or six members who did not support that. I thought it was too severe.”

A crop insurance program was also created to replace direct payments to farmers.