Report: 1/4 of NYC could be in flood zone by 2050s

Alfonso Jimenez via flickr
June 10, 2013

NEW YORK (AP) - Officials say new projections show 800,000 New York City residents could be living in a flood zone that would cover a quarter of the city's land by the 2050s as rising seas and other effects of global warming take hold.

The number of 90-degree days in the city could double or even triple to echo what Birmingham, Ala., has now. And 8 percent of the city's coastline could flood just from high tides.

Two top aides to Mayor Michael Bloomberg discussed the findings Monday. Bloomberg is scheduled to present recommendations Tuesday for dealing with climate risks.

A panel of scientists made the new projections. In some cases, they echo estimates the group made in 2009 but move up the timeframe from the end of the century to the middle.



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