Rich David wins Binghamton mayoral race

Joshua B. Ludzki
November 6, 2013

Voters in the city of Binghamton have a new mayor, Rich David, who defeated City Council President Teri Rennia.  

“I am very happy to introduce our next mayor of Binghamton...”

Bijoy Datta is the chairman of the Broome County Republican Party. He introduced mayor-elect David on a night when Republicans felt pretty good about themselves.

“I think the party here in Broome County, on the Republican side, is as strong as it’s been in the 15 or so years that I’ve been active in politics.”

The Broome County Executive is Republican Debbie Preston and Republicans also control the county legislature.

David beat Democrat Teri Rennia by four points.  The election was called just after 10:00pm with David winning by a margin of 472 votes.

“And in order for us to have been successful tonight residents of all parties decided that the person was more important than the party, and that the message was important.”

David celebrated into the night, hugging supporters and meeting with the press.


Video: Rich David's victory speech: