Schumer, business leader urge "made in NY" olympic uniforms

XINK / via
July 13, 2012

The news that the US Olympic teams uniforms will be made in China has stirred up New York’s politicians and business leaders.

Senator Chuck Schumer is among many politicians joining the outcry against the news that the US Olympic team is wearing uniforms made in a Chinese factory.  Schumer tweeted that “US Olympians don't train their entire lives to don Chinese uniforms”, and says he’s been in touch with one of the few New York clothing manufacturers, Rochester based Hickey Freeman, to make the outfits instead.

The head of the New York State Business Council, Heather Briccetti agrees that it would be absolutely possible to make the clothing in New York in time for the start of the games in London on July 27th.

“They should make the uniforms here,” Briccetti said.

The US Olympic Committee did use a New York based designer, Ralph Lauren, to create the red, white and blue uniforms.