Schumer facilitated redevelopment negotiation in Syracuse

August 1, 2013

After an intervention by Senator Charles Schumer, a vacant gas station in Syracuse will be replaced by a Dunkin Donuts. City officials had spent a year seeking redevelopment at the site before Schumer got involved.

The city accused the property's owner, gas station chain Sunoco, of blocking the land’s sale to protect another one of its outlets from competition.

But then Senator Charles Schumer held a press conference a month ago and arranged a meeting with the parties.

Ben Walsh, an economic development official for the city, says the press conference changed things.“We had reached out to Sunoco last year to express some of our concerns about the site. We had had some conversations, but certainly not the same response that we had received more recently.”

Walsh says the city has moved on to the owners of another abandoned pump station across the street.