Senate Democratic Leader Stewart Cousins Talked With Cuomo About his WFP Pledge
June 4, 2014

Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins says she’s talked to  Governor Andrew Cuomo about his pledge to help Democrats retake the State Senate.

Senator Stewart Cousins says Cuomo reassured her of his dedication to ending the current Senate Leadership of  Republicans and break away Democrats, which Cuomo announced during a deal to win endorsement for re election from the left leaning Working Families Party.

“I did not feel that I had to press him,” said Stewart Cousins, in an interview with public radio and television.  “He called to talk about his pledge and talk about how we’re going to govern.”

She says discussions focused on what might be accomplished during the final days of the legislative session. The governor has promised he’ll try to convince the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference  to rejoin the rest of the Democrats.

Senator Stewart Cousins does not think that will happen anytime soon, though.  She does not rule out allowing the IDC Senators to play a role in running the Senate in the future, if Democrats regain the majority.