Skelos on budget: "On time and in daylight"

Matt Ryan / NY Now

State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says he expects the state budget to be passed on time and in day light. The deadline for the spending plan is now only one week away.

Senator Skelos says talks are on track to reach an agreement on a state spending plan in time to avert another all night session, as occurred earlier this month.

“I believe it will be on time,” Skelos said. “It will be in daylight.”

Senator Skelos say remaining issues to be decided include school aid distribution.

The Senate leader says he’s also seeking more control over distribution of funds for transportation infrastructure projects, and Governor Cuomo’s regional economic development councils grants.

“I don’t believe the executive branch should have total say as to where these millions and millions of dollars of infrastructure repairs should go,” Skelos said.

Legislators lost the power to distribute grants when member items were ended, after gaining a bad reputation for occasional misuse. Skelos says while it’s “totally appropriate” that legislature should have input on where and how the funds are distributed, he would not characterize any such grants as member items.