State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli nominated to run for second term

Courtesy of the Office of the Comptroller
May 22, 2014

Their state party convention kicked off on Wednesday, and New York Democrats began by nominating state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli for a second full term.

DiNapoli, who compared himself to the “happy warrior” of former Governor Al Smith, has  had his differences with fellow Democrat Governor Cuomo, and says he does not know if Cuomo will endorse him.

“I’ve been an independent voice,” DiNapoli said.

The Comptroller’s race has the option of a pilot program for public campaign financing, under a budget deal reached earlier this year.  DiNapoli has said the program is flawed, and he won’t be participating.

Under the plan, the money comes from the unclaimed deposits fund that the Comptroller controls, and DiNapoli says he has some concerns with that.

“Unclaimed funds are money that’s  supposed to be returned to New Yorkers who’ve lost the money,” DiNapoli says. “We have to make sure we have enough to respond to the claims that we have to process.”

His opponent, GOP nominee Bob Antonacci is planning on opting in to the pilot public campaign finance plan. Di Napoli will be in the awkward position of actually certifying the money to fund his opponent’s campaign.

But he says he won’t “play games” with handing out the money.