State Health Dept to conduct fracking study, not independent group

LaGrange,NY USA via
September 21, 2012

Governor Cuomo’s environmental commissioner is rejecting calls by environmentalists for an independent health impact study on hydro fracking. But  Environmental Commissioner Joe Martens, says the State’s Health commissioner has agreed to conduct a review.

“Government is the public’s independent reviewer,” Martens said in explanation of his decision. “To suggest private interests or academic experts bring more independence to the process than government is exactly wrong.   Many experts in this field have an opinion – pro or con- which could influence the process.  Nor could one ever be sure that there weren’t potential conflicts of interest with outside consultants if they were to actually direct the outcome.” 

Commissioner Martens says he’s concerned about law suits if fracking begins, and wants to have the most thorough review possible avoid “protracted litigation”.

The statement comes as Governor Cuomo says he’s not pushing his environmental agency to make a final decision on fracking any time soon.

“I didn’t want an artificial deadline,” says Cuomo, who says he told the DEC “when you have completed an intelligent, thorough process, then you should announce your decision.”

Commissioner Martens says any decision on hydro fracking in New York will be delayed until after the health department completes its study.  He says if there is a public health concern that cannot be addressed, then fracking will not “proceed”.