State service to streamline regulatory process for alcoholic beverage industry

Angela Rutherford/via flickr
March 6, 2013

Governor Cuomo has launched a service to streamline regulatory processes for New York’s $22 billion alcoholic beverage industry. The one-stop-shop initiative is designed to give producers a single point of contact for nine regulatory government agencies.

The idea for a one stop shop came from New York's first Wine, Beer and Spirits summit this past October.

That's where industry representatives raised concerns about the number of state agencies they had to deal with; it made processes confusing, they often didn't know who to talk to and this could result in avoidable fines.

Ken Adams is the CEO of Empire State Development, the body that will run the service. He says it's important to create a business friendly environment for the growing sector.

"We don't want to have any obstacles in the way of these entrepreneurs and of all this really important investment, particularly upstate and in upstate communities where these wineries and cideries are just taking off," he says.

The one-stop-shop initiative has been applauded by members of New York's beer, wine, spirits, and cider industries.

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