SUNY research fund to link up research across campuses statewide

JHeisler/via flickr
March 5, 2013

Several faculty from the University at Buffalo were awarded funds through the SUNY Research Collaboration Fund. The money will help link up research taking place on SUNY campuses across the state.

Over the next two years, $100,000 each from the fund will support nine collaborative research projects. Five of them involve University at Buffalo faculty.

UB Senior Research Scientist Kathleen Parks says her team will be working with laboratories at University at Albany and Binghamton University to develop a survey that tracks non-medical prescription drug abuse in college students.

"If you don't know a lot about the reasons why people are using these drugs, what they think the positives benefits are, the negatives that they see in using them, it's really hard to go at the problem and develop prevention," she says.

UB's electrical engineering and physics department was another recipient. Associate Professor Steve Durbin says their project involves infrared device applications.

"There is some information in the literature, it's mostly theory," he says. "We're experimentalists so we would like to actually get into the lab and try to make this material, evaluate its properties and determine whether it's really a good material for the applications we envisioned."

Durbin says the project will help researchers become familiar with important synthesis techniques. The grant is also expected to give its recipients leverage for future funding opportunities.

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