Three lucky SUNY schools could win $20 million grants

Governor Andrew Cuomo is leaning on New York's network of public colleges to play a bigger role in economic growth -- and he's proposing to provide the resources to do so. But there could stiff competition for those funds, as the Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney reports.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called SUNY "the great equalizer for the middle class."

But now he's looking for the university system to do more than just lift up individual students: he wants SUNY to serve as a catalyst for economic growth in the communities that its schools serve.

Cuomo kicked off the process last year with promises of $35 million apiece for the state's four major research universities in Buffalo, Binghamton, Albany and Stony Brook.

Now he's proposing another round of so-called SUNY 2020 cash, for the state's remaining 60 schools to compete for.

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PHOTO: runJMrun / Flickr