Wegmans says FDA should label foods with GMOs

Jan Smith/via Flickr
April 21, 2014

The grocery store chain Wegmans says federal food regulators should require food makers to add labels that identify genetically modified ingredients.

Wegmans says in a blog post that it has been studying genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, for nearly two years. It also says it’s receiving an increasing number of questions from customers.

Some common GMO food crops are corn, soy, canola and sugar beets. GMO means the seeds have been scientifically altered to produce more crops, or be more resistant. It’s a controversial practice. Some see it as the future of food sustainability while others worry about food safety.

Wegmans nutritionist Jane Andrews says it’s a “complex issue” and the store is trying to better educate customers.

She says currently there’s no way to tell if minor food ingredients are genetically modified.

“So it all involves a paper trail of documentation, but those standards need to be written about what would count as a GMO and what wouldn’t.”

Andrews says until the Food and Drug Administration comes up with a standard for GMO and proper labeling, certified organic products are where to look for non-GMO ingredients.

Andrews says Wegman’s won’t start labeling their food because there’s no federal standard. And she says the company only inquires about GMO use in store brands if there are questions from consumers.

Wegmans has placed a lengthy explanation of its position and background on its website.