Wrongfully convicted men lobby for changes to DNA databank bill

Peter Neufeld, co-director of the Innocence Project, was joined by Steven Barnes (right) at Monday's press conference. Barnes spent close to 20 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. PHOTO: Marie Cusick, Innovation Trail

Three men who were wrongfully convicted of murder were in Albany Monday, pushing for changes to a bill that would expand New York's DNA databank.

Steven Barnes, Fernando Burmudez and Frank Sterling each spent close to 20 years in prison for murders they did not commit.

The men were joined by representatives from the Innocence Project and the New York State Bar Association. The group wants measures added to the bill that would protect the wrongfully accused.

Here are the group's three main requests:

  • Change the way police lineups are conducted.
  • Institute mandatory videotaping of police interrogations.
  • Provide greater access to DNA evidence for defendants.

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