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Thank You

Thank you for believing in our mission and supporting our public service so generously. The 2023 Annual Report is a celebration of service to the community from July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023 that you made possible.

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You ensure WSKG Public Media is a valuable part of The Southern Tier of New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania; providing 21 counties with unbiased information, bringing local news to a wider audience, and generating dialogue and debate about important issues.


Your support of WSKG brings drama, science, history, and the performing arts to both urban and rural communities with four television stations, an NPR news radio station, and a classical music radio station, as well as podcasts, and over a dozen streaming music channels.

Thanks to you, communities across our broadcast region receive local news and unbiased information to generate dialogue and debate about important issues.

You help provide educators and caregivers in over 80 school districts with resources on early education and social/emotional learning. Children of all ages can access engaging and age-appropriate games and activities.

Because of you, WSKG can reach vulnerable populations underserved by commercial media to share important news and information about topics like elder isolation and opioid addiction.


Thank you for helping WSKG reach over a half-million households over-the-air, via streaming, and through in-person events, providing over 52,000 hours of national and locally produced news, television, and educational programming. WSKG is also grateful to partner with over 250 businesses and other nonprofit organizations to encourage community engagement in regional arts programs and to support WSKG.

Your support of WSKG touches the lives of thousands of people every single day. Take a look at the difference you make across our region by being a member.

"I love the BBC News, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," The Moth, Reveal, the daytime news/talk shows, Radio Lab, Science Fridays, Fresh Air, the Capitol Press Room, and so many more programs. Thank you! I've learned so much from your programs"

– Sandra from Alfred Station, NY
"My Sunday nights are devoted to Masterpiece, and Sunday mornings to [Weekend Edition]. I also love the BBC World Service"

– Elizabeth from Binghamton, NY

"Thank you for upgrading your Ithaca transmitter. We can now listen to classical music again!"

– Bruce from Ithaca, NY

"WSKG is a golden light in the Southern Tier."

– Patricia from Pine City, NY


– Kathleen from Sayre, PA

"I depend on WSKG, it plays in my car constantly"

– Bryan from Deposit, NY

"I love WSKG Classical and Free Range Folk, especially. I love the symphonies, especially strings!"

– Ron from Painted Post, NY
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“Hiding in Plain Sight” — thank you for your role in bringing important conversations about mental health to our community, building on Ken Burns' documentary.

The Ken Burns documentary Hiding in Plain Sight was a sounding board for multiple conversations about youth mental health. The Catskill Teacher Center organized for educators across the region to watch the documentary and then have an online discussion with others in the same field. The Broome County Health Department and WSKG Education paired together to host a virtual and in-person screening of "Hiding in Plain Sight" followed by a panel discussion with experts. Lastly, the Binghamton University Social Work program hosted a screening of the entire documentary for over 150 educators and social workers on Superintendent's Conference Day.

"In the Spring of 2023, the Prevention Coalition of Broome County and BC SAFE (Broome County Suicide Awareness For Everyone) from the Broome County Mental Health Department, partnered with WSKG and BT BOCES to host a successful community event offering a limited viewing of HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Along with the documentary viewing, this collaboration brought together a panel of local experts, including mental health providers, caseworkers, parent/family advocates, and those with lived experiences, to hold a moderated community conversation centered around children and mental health.

Viewing the documentary provided a launching point to a helpful and supportive conversation as it showcased the challenges and struggles of youth from ages elementary to high school. Those present in the audience including both community and professionals who were able ask questions, discuss challenges, and receive information on best practices, tips, and support for both young people and their families.

Not only was WSKG, through the New York State Grant funds, instrumental in helping to plan this event and bring this partnership’s ideas and strategies to fruition, staff was also present at the event and assisted with providing helpful resources and real-time takeaways that attendees could use with their families and also their profession.

We look forward to collaborating on future mental health focused events!"

-Heidi Mikeska, Community Systems Coordinator/ Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Broome County Mental Health: BC SAFE

Bringing Science Technology Engineering and Math to bi-lingual student in our region

WSKG was awarded a $12,000 grant from WNET as part of the Cyberchase: Mobile Adventures in STEM initiative to connect local bi-lingual students and families to STEM activities via workshops and a texting program.

In support of the digital campaign in person events were also held to have a deeper touch within the community, and the program was promoted to both English and Spanish speakers on social media.



IN 2023, WSKG WAS RECOGNIZED AS A WINNER OF 2022 REGIONAL EMMY FOR ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT - LONG FORM CONTENT.  We were thrilled to recognize  Andrew Pioch - Producer, Alyssa Micha - Videographer & Editor, Michel Micha - Audio Engineer, Adara Alston - Host

A compilation of segments from the series 15th and 16th season were submitted for consideration that included music performances by Samite, the Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble and an artist profile of dulcimer maker Bernd Krause. Click below and see the recorded episodes.

Post-pandemic precautions now being lifted, the public had a front row seat to in-studio recordings. The public was invited back to experience a variety of regional musicians perform and record episodes of WSKG Expressions.

Watch WSKG Expressions - Emmy Winning Submissions
Expressions welcomes Samite for a special concert performance
Expressions welcomes the Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble to the program
Expressions looks at one of the original American instruments--the mountain dulcimer



You help us leverage investments from others. Thanks to you, we were able to combine the benefits of a New York State Education Department state budget allocation with other public media broadcasters across New York state to focus on deeper reporting on three specific topics:

  • Opioid Epidemic
  • Aging
  • Student Mental Health

This project allowed us to use the combined talents across our TV Production, Radio, News, and Education to support the content creation. The result was news stories and information about the effects of the opioid epidemic on our community, the creation of engaging videos for our regions elder population, and the creation of a student-led podcast that talked about student mental health.

"The Other Side Podcast"

For the beginning stages of the project, I met with the UNITY leaders and they discussed that their group of teens had had many discussions after covid about how mental health for youth was declining.

They wanted to do something to try to help with the use of their stories. We came up with the idea of a podcast that would not only help youth but also adults and educators that were dealing with youth on a daily basis. I suggested that I didn't want to come up with a project without the input of the kids themselves. They came in and had a tour of the station and a brainstorming session ensued. The group was quiet at first but after becoming more comfortable, had so many brilliant ideas that could help empower youth. We set out a recording plan and started in May. After summer break, we were in full swing with recording and editing.

- Brieanna Moreno, WSKG Education Director

"As a member of Cornell Cooperative Extension Broome County's 4-H UNITY Teen Leaders, I am thrilled to share the incredible journey we embarked on in June 2023. Our collaboration with WSKG has been nothing short of transformative, providing us with a unique platform to address vital issues surrounding mental health through our youth-run, youth-led podcast.

Working hand-in-hand with WSKG, we delved into topics like body image, social media, and coping skills, offering a fresh perspective on the challenges faced by today's youth. The partnership with WSKG, an organization that shares our passion for empowering youth and amplifying youth voices, has been a source of inspiration for our team and the dedicated staff at CCE-BC.

The vision for 4-H UNITY is to bring Visiting Professors into our podcast discussions, reaching beyond our current audience to connect with students in various school districts, and ultimately expanding our impact throughout New York State. The possibilities are limitless, and we're enthusiastic about the ongoing opportunity to educate and inspire through this partnership."

–Kelly Mabee, Assistant Director 4-H UNITY, Cornell Cooperative Extension-Broome County

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