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'Two Girls, a Dog, and Death': Interview with Creators of Local Radio Drama

Last spring, four Ithaca area students worked together to write a script and submitted their radio drama to WSKG’s An Ear for Drama project. The judging committee unanimously selected it as the strongest entry. From here, the students visited WSKG and worked on voicing techniques and strengthening the script. In addition to writing a winning radio drama script, the students each took part in recording it at WSKG Studios alongside local professional voice actors. The students answered the following interview questions to share their perspective on the experience.__________________________________________________________________Thank you for sharing your script with WSKG! How did you hear about the An Ear for Drama contest?Our homeschool ELA teacher, Danielle told us about it.What is your script about?  Can you summarize it in just a sentence or two?Our script is about two female Brooklyn detectives in the 1920s, who solve a murder. What served as inspiration for your story?We drew inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and also just the classic Brooklyn detective plot. This was a group effort – can you describe the process and what role each of you played?We pretty much worked together on everything.How was the experience of writing for radio? How was it different and in what ways did it challenge you?It was interesting to make a radio play, because you have to depend a lot more on dialogue than in a stage play.Not only did you write the script – you each lent your voice to characters for the radio recording. How did you prepare for this element of the project?In addition to reading for the characters in the recorded version, we also performed it for our ELA class ahead of time.What did you learn from the professional voice actors that joined in?We learned a lot from having them there! It was so great that they could take the time to work with us. Among other things, one of the things that we learned that slight improvisations can help enhance the script. We also learned how important it is to project and speak clearly. How was the process of recording at WSKG Studios? Did anything surprise you? What did you find the most exhilarating?The whole process was amazing. It was really cool to hear people who actually know what they are doing read the script. Is there anything else you’d like to share?We would like to thank WSKG for this amazing opportunity!

 Listen to the recording of 'Two Girls, a Dog, and Death" here:


About the Artists Clanie | Clanie is in her first year of highschool at New Roots Charter School. She enjoys fast horses and playing guitar.Mia | Mia has been homeschooled her whole life. This year, she joined the Ithaca Ballet Company [after dancing for many years].Millie | Millie is a freshman at New Roots Charter School, where she plays electric guitar in the New Roots Rock Band. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sophia | Sophia is in ninth grade at New Roots Charter School after being homeschooled her whole life. She has played the violin for ten years and also plays handbells. She enjoys music, writing and psychology.[gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="33726,33729,33727,33728"]

Support for this project is provided in part by Darryl Wood and Toby Wollin.We're accepting scripts from student group for 2018. Learn more