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Two Girls, A Dog, and Death

What would happen if we combined the creative writing of students and teachers with the audio technology of today? Something awesome, we think!

And it did. A group of Ithaca area students entered WSKG’s An Ear for Drama Contest. Their winning script 'Two Girls, a Dog, and Death' follows two disgraced detectives as they solve a murder mystery. Sophia Bosworth-Viscuso, Clanie Lashley, Mia Lashley, and Millie McCulloch-Havell are the students who wrote and performed the script.

In August 2017, the students came to our studios to record their radio drama. Special guests included Bonnie DeForest, Bree Harvey, Bret Jaspers, and Judy McMahon who performed in the lead roles. Special thanks to KBKabaret and Southern Tier Actors Read, and teacher Danielle Angie. WSKG's Sarah Gager produced the drama.

Listen to "Two Girls, a Dog, and Death" on WSKG Radio Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 7:30pm or here:

This project was supported in part by Darryl Wood and Toby Wollin.

This radio drama uses many sounds from freesound, including:

Man Sniffling by SteveOShore
heavy breathing off mic loop.wav by bevangoldswain
Chip.aiff by juan pablo escobar plaza
work.wav by rastataper
Rummaging through Luggage by DapperDaniel
kitchen refrigerator working.wav by mdsn
crime mystery roll.wav by MattLeschuck
women_scream_AAA.aiff by thanvannispe
Breaking Plates.wav by Juan_Merie_Venter
door_knock.wav by wjtaylor
toybox.wav by gyzhor
Rummaging through cardboard boxes by Podsburgh
WS OpeningDoor.WAV by n_audioman
door opening with creeking.wav by borQue
door close 2.wav by THE_bizniss
shop_door_bell.wav by 3bagbrew
diner interior atmos.aiff by klangfabrik
diner2.wav by armoredbaby
calm down-town market 40m NL 131006_02.flac by klankbeeld
driving with sirens.wav by cognito perceptu
Siren by maycuddlepie