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Tallies, Charts, and Tape Diagrams in Summer Learning

Gathering data and figuring out what you know are important steps in solving a problem. But, how you organize all that information is just as important! We've gathered some simple, helpful resources to practice this skill with your child at home.

What type of data would your child enjoy collecting?

Perhaps he looks at shoes while at the grocery store and tallies how many people wear green, blue, or black shoes. Maybe she would love asking everyone at the family picnic which ice cream flavor they like best. There are countless ideas, so pick something interesting and set your child off to collect the data. Then, he or she will be ready to learn how to best organize that information! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXrS8JkzB4EThe CYBERCHASE team has collected data on the number of kids who live in the area where Hacker wants to build a tower, but the team is determined to show why the space should be used for a park! How can they organize the information to argue their case? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFJbltI7IXQAnother tool your child will use to organize information when adding and subtracting is a tape diagram. Tape diagrams are a visual strategy your child will use in first and second grade to solve story problems or word problems. 

Charts & Maps

You can use the stickers from fruit to graph how much fresh fruit your family eats this week or play the Hungry Pirates game from Peg + Cat to learn about maps. 

Show Us

We'd love to see what you make! Tweet a photo of your charts, graphs, tape diagrams, and maps @WSKG and @annie_whitman. We'll send you some math swag from your favorite PBS KIDS show!