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Learn With Bob the Builder: How Much Does It Weigh?

Some objects are heavy and some are light! In this clip from  Bob the Builder, Tiny estimates the weight of different objects he lifts with his crane. Watch the clip with your students and then experiment by testing heavy and light items. And don't forget to share photos or feedback of your students/kids with WSKG using hashtag #WSKGBuddingBuilders!Frame the Viewing: 

  • Show the students two different objects. Have them predict which one weighs more. What makes them think so? Discuss how different objects have different weights. Sometimes large items weigh a lot, other times only a little - it depends on the material of the object.

Focus the Viewing: 

  • Tell the children they are going to watch a video segment from Bob the Builder. Ask them to watch as Tiny guesses what the objects are based on the weight.
  • Show the video segment.


  • Discuss the different objects and how much they weighed.
  • How was Tiny able to guess the object?
  • Explain how objects can weigh different amounts.

Teaching Tips

  • Bring out different objects from around the classroom, for example books, blocks, or a tissue box. Have students predict which object weighs the most and which weighs the least while also explaining why. Demonstrate how to use a scale by placing one object on the scale and waiting for the number to appear in the indicator. Give students different objects to weigh or have students select objects from the classroom and weigh each on the scale. Discuss which are heavy and which are light.
  • Give the students selected items and have them weigh each on the scale. Then, ask them to sort the items from lightest to heaviest. Use the Bob the Builder "Weight Experimentation"worksheet and have students draw the objects in the appropriate box.
  • Show the students a bag of small items (for example, a bag of beans, erasers, markers). Weigh one of the individual items and then have the group predict how much the entire bag will weigh based on the number that are inside.